Tinger Track C500 ATV

Planning on going to the backcountry this weekend?  Get yourself a Tinger Track C500 and you can go anywhere!

The Tinger swaps out the off-road tires and replaces them with 500mm wide tracks, giving you the ablitiy to ride over rough trails, poor roads, or other obstacles.  You can take it anywhere.. from the swamp to the snow.

The Tinger Track C500 is powered by a 4 cylinder engine, cranking out 68 horsepower, and letting you tow loads of over 1700 pounds. You can use if anywhere from the farm to your backcountry hideaway.  It also features a low-pressure, temperature-resistant, and fully waterproof HDPE body, allowing you drive across shallow rivers and swamps with ease.


Two seats out front and a bench in the back allow it to fit up to five passengers, while handlebar-style steering controls enable easy and intuitive operation. Features include a reinforced long-travel suspension, a hydraulic brake system, and a fuel tank that can hold up to eight hours’ worth of gas.


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