The Burger Lift

Lift your buns man!  You love a juicy burger, but letting it sit in it’s juices causes a soggy bun, and nobody loves that!  Now you can lift your burger out of it’s juices and enjoy it to the fullest!


We love hamburgers and we know you do, too! What’s the best part of the burger? The juiciness of a delicious hamburger patty, of course. The worst part? The messy plate! Juice and sauce spills from the hamburger as you eat it and inevitably begins to pool on the plate. We are left with the dilemma of where to place the burger down. Do we set it in the juice and get the dreaded soggy bun? Do we place it awkwardly on the edge of the plate? Do we balance the burgers on the fries? Or do we just hold the burger throughout the meal? None of these options are ideal. The solution is The Burger Lift! The Burger Lift is a device designed to elevate the burger above the plate and give one of America’s favorite foods a proper throne to rest upon. By resting your burger on the Burger Lift you will keep your buns dry throughout the meal so you can enjoy every bite. So what are you waiting for? LIFT YOUR BUNS TODAY! #LiftYourBuns




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