SALT Self Defense – Pepper Spray Gun Kit

The SALT Self Defense Pepper Spray Gun

The SALT Pepper Spray Gun was designed to offer the same trusted, non-lethal protection of pepper spray but at 10 times the safe distance. Shaped like a traditional handgun, SALT shoots rounds filled with a powdered pepper spray that create a chemical cloud upon impact, incapacitating anyone in the vicinity.

Effects – SALT Rounds are filled with a non-lethal powdered pepper spray that break on contact, immediately causing temporary blindness, difficulty breathing and severe impact distress.

Trusted Protection – SALT has been proven safe and effective by the U.S. Military and Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Range – 150+ feet vs the 6-10 feet of traditional pepper sprays or tasers.

Shelf Life – Our military strength pepper spray has a 5-year shelf life (more than double the industry standard)

Power – SALT is powered by a safe, household CO2 cylinder that is activated when needed by simply pulling the trigger of the gun to break the cylinder’s seal.

Speed – A SALT Round travels at 320 feet per second, delivering the same kinetic energy as being hit by a 50 mph fastball.

Number of Shots – SALT is fed by a 7-round magazine, which allows the user to quickly fire up to 21 rounds.

Made In America – Every SALT Pepper Spray Gun, Round and accessory is manufactured right here in the Midwest by our manufacturing partner, Tippmann, the number one most trusted name in air powered technology.

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