myLab At Home STD Test Kit


Ok, so you woke up hung over in a hotel room in Thailand, and you have no memory of the last week… Time to get yourself tested!


myLAB Box STD screening kits are available with tests for the full gamut of STDs: chlamydia / gonorrhea; trichomoniasis; HIV; HPV; Herpes; Hep C; syphilis; and combinations thereof. They arrive in discreet, unmarked boxes. Collecting a sample of urine, genital / mouth swab, or prick of blood and packing it up to mail in (SASE provided) should take 5 minutes or less. When the lab has your results, you’ll get an email with information for secure access.

Should you test positive for chlamydia, gonorrhea, or trich, myLAB Box will give you the option of having a complimentary phone consultation with an affiliated doctor. The physician may even be able to send a prescription for treatment to your pharmacy.

myLAB Box says their tests are as accurate as those done in a clinic, and the HIPAA web security protocols they follow ensure your data remains as private.

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