Industrial Table Desk Lamp and Charging Station

This cool steel electrical box has been re-purposed into a great and very usable conversation piece for work or home office. The switch turns the light bulb on and off and the plugs are right there on your desk, very handy to plug in your laptop or cell phone. Perfect for bedside lamp as well, with handy plugs for cell phone etc. The steel has been aged, brushed and given a clear coat to protect and enhance the finish. This one features dark black plugs and light switch and the extra large globe light bulb, which is included with purchase. Notice that the plugs are safety plugs, so safe for households with children. This lamp measures 11 1/2″ by 4″ wide. The cord is black twisted cotton vintage reproduction cord and measures 5 feet long. The bulb is included with purchase and is a Reproduction Edison Marconi Style bulb. This industrial charging station a great gift idea for the person who has every thing!!

Steampunk Desk Lamo



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