Handerpants… underwear for your hands

You wouldn’t wear pants without underwear.. why would you wear gloves the without them?

Handerpants Handerpants are a fun idea which is a pair of pants for your hands! These fingerless gloves are made from 95% breathable cotton and also contain 5% spandex so they will stretch to fit most hands. They make brilliant mens novelty items as Birthday or Christmas presents and wonderfully unusual gifts for other occasions too! Ok, this poses the obvious question, “why would anyone want to wear pants on their hands?” Because it’s cool. Well, kooky. OK, weird. These fingerless cotton gloves are actually quite handy (pardon the pun). They will absorb sweat, help prevent chafing when using tools and are great for wearing underneath normal gloves. So they are undergloves in a way. They will keep the bitter British weather from freezing your hands, and the fingerless part is great for when you’re doing a fiddly job such as using your phone, typing, preparing food, etc. So go on, treat your hands to some underwear!




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