Conor McGregor F*ck You Pinstripe Suit

It may every well end up as one of the worst fights in history, but it will defiantly be remembered.  Next month Conor McGregor will go toe to toe with Floyd Mayweather, and during their promo tour, McGregor won in the battle of words.. and not all of those words were spoken aloud!  Now you can own your very own Fuck You Pinstripe Suit made famous by Conor McGregor!

David August originally made the 3-piece wool suit, pinstriped in a sans-serifed, all-capped “Fuck You” on repeat, as a special order for McGregor. But its message resonated so deeply with fans that the luxury tailor decided to release a limited edition Eff You Suit for anyone else who wants to let the world what they really think!.

David August says Eff You in woven navy Super 130’s wool, custom tailored to the buyer’s measurements. The suit also features:

  • French-facing construction
  • Stacked “kissing” working buttons on sleeve cuff
  • Purple camouflage silk lining
  • 1/16″ hand-stitched detailing
  • Two-button, side vent jacket
  • Vest in single- or double-breasted
  • Numbered and signed by David August Heil

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