Blanket With Sleeves – The Human Blanket

Everyone loves a good Snuggie Parody, am I right?

If you are wondering what a Snuggie is, it’s basically a blanket with sleeves. Sometimes referred to as the snuggie blanket or snuggle blanket and often misspelled “snuggy,” celebrities all over the world endorse the amazing Snuggie blanket with sleeves.

For example, Ellen had the “Snuggie Countdown.” Other celebs endorsed the Snuggie like the Daniel Tosh Snuggie or the Timothy Delaghetto Snuggie or even the Tim Hawkins Snuggie. Okay, maybe that parts not true. However, it’s no wonder why we attempted to make a funny Snuggie Commercial Parody.

Are you looking for a unique holiday gift idea? Look no further. We have the Human Blanket! Human Blanket is the first ever blanket made from a human. It’s like wearing an extra layer skin, because you actually do.

Human Blanket is made from ultra-soft, ultra-warm, luxurious, Italian skin. Do whatever you want while using the Human Blanket!

Directed & Edited By: Marshall Malone
Starring: Rob Moccio, Katya Lastres, & Jeremy Smith
Voiceover: Chuck Graudins (Male VO) & Aisha Ricketts (Female VO)

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