ARC-NRG Pushup Machine

The Holidays are over and it’s time to burn off some of that collected fat.

The ARC-NRG PushUp machine works 5 different muscle groups at once, just like your regular pushup.  With the  ARC-NRG however, you get perfect form, and the ability to do more reps, since you have the ability to select the precise amount of your body weight you’d like to use as Resistance.

Beginners can start slow and learn to do a pushup properly, from your toes, chin up, elbows dropped to 90 degrees, all without injury.  Once mastered, you can intensify your workout as you get stronger.

Pushup Machine


For those experienced with the pushup, ARC-NRG PushUp offers more intense variations on the moves that may require resistance adjustments, as well as comes with a set of ARC-NRG Sliders that for use in dozens of different exercises, both on and off the machine.

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