AirBuddy | the ultimate tankless dive system


Underwater life is fascinating, beautiful and makes you understand the meaning of living in harmony. You see things you couldn’t have imagined exist, amazingly beautiful colours, corals and the fish that swim alongside you will make you feel comfortable and at peace. You glide through the water, feeling completely weightless. Once you experience the stunning underwater world, you just want to dive more and more. But, all the hassle of the preparations and logistics that go along with SCUBA diving are no fun at all.

A simple 45 minute fun dive can easily take up more than half of your day when you include time spent searching for the closest dive center, calling, booking, picking up, and returning tanks. That’s time that could be spent having fun in the turquoise ocean or relaxing on the beach.

AirBuddy was created as a way to give you the freedom to dive whenever you want without the hassle or the restrictive bulk of diving gear. AirBuddy is a cross between SCUBA diving and snorkeling that doesn’t require air tanks, yet still offers 45 minutes of diving time at a depth of up to 12 meters (40 ft)

Air Buddy

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